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Work, work, work!

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

I like to work and have worked since I was 16. My first 'job' was as an assistant on a fruit and veg stall. I lasted all of 2 days. I think me under/over charging customers had something to do with my short career. My maths is still not very good! I then went on to work at the 'Golden Arches'. My interview was very informal and I laughed a lot with the person doing the interview. I really enjoyed working there and felt at home on the fries section and on the till. Although, I was never really comfortable upselling drinks or fries. Working at the Arches gave me extra money to go out and enjoy my youth.

After serving lots of customers I wanted a job which had a few more hours. So the 'Hut' it was. I was able to get to be a kitchen supervisor, which gave me a lot of leadership and time management skills. This job was better in the sense that I didn't eat the products and put on extra weight, as I don't like pizza. However, I always had to 'quality check' the desserts. I had 8 wonderful years at different 'huts' and the pay helped me to travel to several places abroad.

When I graduated, I  looked for part time work. I was single and liked the idea of going to the bank to pay bills when others where at work and also to enjoy life. My older self looks back and thinks that I should have worked harder and saved lots of money. The younger self knew that I had many, many years of work life ahead of me, so I should enjoy life whilst I could. I am still looking for the job that allows me to work part time but have full time pay.

Working has given me a sense of purpose, made me proud to earn my own money and contribute to society. However, I also find that it is overrated if you are not able to have time to enjoy the simple things in life.

Poem reference: The Season I Smile – My Big G & T and Work


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