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About Me
Bisi Akinola-Arutoghor

Who I am

About Me - Bisi Akinola-Arutoghor

I am a British born female of Nigerian parentage about 40 years old. A few of my indulges are listening to various types of musical styles and movies. I also relish in company that makes me laugh. I wrote my first poem at the age of 13. Although I enjoyed writing it, I quickly hid it away as I didn’t think it was good enough for others to enjoy. But I did enjoy writing and wanted to share them with others. I wanted to share poems that reflected my thoughts about things that were going on around me. Over time I began to be commissioned to write personalised poems for others that greatly boosted my confidence. This website houses my books and individual poems and I hope you can identify with them.

Why I do this

Earlier in my life, I received much encouragement from family and friends to go ahead and achieve one of my life ambitions – that of being a lecturer and teacher. With their encouragement and support, I did eventually became a teacher, but my love for poetry remained. I still, however, lacked confidence to develop my poetry skills, but over time I started showcasing my work and with the support of motivating experts my dream of publishing my work has now been realised.

I like to write poems to motivate, inspire and guide people. If you “think” of something you want to do and you “believe” you can do it, you can eventually “achieve” that goal. It may take some dedication, but you can make it through life's difficulties and challenges. Whether an emotional or physical crisis or overcoming disturbing reflections of the past. It is possible to move from ashes to beauty – from weakness to strength.

What I can do for you

If there is something you feel you want to achieve, resolve or reflect upon while reading my work – you are encouraged to do so. It is hoped that my work will bring renewed healing, resolve, and the support you need to increase your confidence, self-esteem and personal motivation.

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