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TV or not to TV?

Updated: Mar 24, 2018

Now that the athletics has finished and the football season has started, I am finding watching television a little boring.

When I was younger, many moons again, we had three television channels: BBC1, BBC2 and ITV. The programmes then, were quite good and usually finished at 11pm.  Now, there are hundreds of channels, programmes that cater to all and the channels never sleep. There seems to be the same of the same: cookery, gardening, house buying and reality television.

There have been many a day/night that I have wanted to watch something but got bogged down with the choices available. If I had three channels available to me, the choice would be easy, right? Wrong!

To make things even harder, we have access to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime which are allowing more and more people to stream programmes and films on their computer devises: maybe there will no longer be a need for a TV! With the use of streaming, families will no longer sit together in the  evening and watch programmes together. Instead, they will be spread around the house on their laptop, tablet or phone and watch the latest box set by themselves.

I find there is something nice about watching television with others: you can have very good discussions, once you have decided on what to watch – Googlebox is a good example of this. However, when a programme is on and other people have been preoccupied with something else and start asking you questions about what has happened so far in the programme – that does get on my nerves.

So, maybe, in future, I will toss a coin to help me decide what to watch and keep the remote control away, so that I don't keep switching channels. Also, anyone who wants to watch a particular programme with me will have to watch it from the start: I am too busy watching to be answering questions.

Choice is good, however, sometimes, it's bad.

Poem reference: The Season I Smile – Choices


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