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Inner Child

The weather has been cold and wet, however, I needed to exercise after spending several days indoors. So, I went to a local woods and embarked on one of my greatest adventures. I was well wrapped up and had on hiking boots and tracksuit bottoms, I was ready to go. On the entrance to the woods, it was a little wet, a little muddy, but nothing to worry about. I had planned on running / more like a slow jog, some of the way. On venturing further into the woods it became apparent that I should have turned back as the mud was very slushy and slippery. However, my stubborn self decided to continue on with my daily exercise. For several reasons I should have turned back: the phone reception wasn’t very good, so if I did hurt myself I wouldn’t be able to call anyone. Also, I did not know exactly where in the woods I was.

I was listening to my music, and my heartbeat was going at the same speed as the garage music pumping in my ears. I was working harder walking through the mud than if I ran on the street pavements. I did slip once, right on my backside and hurt my wrist. Fortunately, it was not serious, so I continued on my way. After 45/50 minutes of this, I was at the entrance. I was muddier than I started, wet, but elated to have finished a 2 and a half mile trek. My inner child was happy.

Stay Wild by Ms Moem

You were not born a statue,

Nor rooted like a tree.

You were born a wild one;

A spirit pure and free.

No cage should hold you captive.

No title should define.

You’re flexible and fluid,

So can change at any time.

With nothing set in stone

And so much to explore

Wander down a million paths

And rattle every door.

Never stop adventuring.

Embrace your inner child.

Stay fearless & stay curious.

Stay positive. Stay wild.


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