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Dark days, loud music

Waking up and going to work when it is dark and finishing work and the darkness is there again, well, it can only be autumn!

Autumn, a time to hibernate, put the central heating on, forget about dieting and stock up on stodgy, comfort foods and binge watch television under the comfort of a warm duvet rather than meeting up with friends. It is also a time for ‘catching’ a cold or flu: feeling weak, tired and sneezing and sniffing a lot. When this time comes around, I feel very irritable, as the cold/flu stops me from doing my day to day chores and concentrating on my projects. After spending several hours in bed, feeling sorry for myself, what picks me up is listening to music loud enough to drown out my terrible singing. For some reason, singing puts me in a better mood. Singing regularly has been associated with reduced stress levels and lower cases of depression in patients with serious ailments like heart complications and cancer. It also increases joy and fun in people’s lives. Because singing significantly lowers both tension and stress levels, it can assist in the treatment of stress related complications. (Taken from Benefits So, as much as my neighbours will be banging on their walls as a sign to stop my ‘beautiful’ singing, I will sing on, for as long as the days are dark, my music will be loud.


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