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Work Friends

For several hours a day we are in contact with work colleagues, some we get on with and some we don’t.

We form relationships which can really help us through our working hours. Be it a laugh in the kitchen or sharing holiday plans by the photocopier. Our work colleagues can turn into very good friends.

When that special work friend dies suddenly, it is a shock to the system. We hope they did not suffer? We question what our last words were to them. Did we hug each other and say see you tomorrow? Did we part on good terms? So many thoughts go through our mind. Sometimes, a good way to get through the initial shock is to talk to other work friends who understand what we are going through. To reminisce about the good times we had with the work friend and laugh, when you know their family members are crying. The laughter lasts a short time and then reality hits, that the work friend will not be at their desk tomorrow.

Tomorrow is promised to no one.

Live. Laugh and most importantly, Love.


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