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When is school back open?

Less than two weeks since the schools shut their doors for their well deserved summer break and I am sure many people are itching for children to go back to school.

For a lot of children this will be a difficult time as they will not have the security, safety and well-being that school life brings. For many other children this is freedom – they can go to bed late, rise late and lounge in front of the television and be google eyed to their devises.

The little big man has a week of grace, however, for three weeks he should be tired from all the activities he will be doing at a holiday club.

For many parents/carers this time of the year is very expensive; children seem to be hungrier every 15 to 30 minutes and in order for them to be occupied bar the television, outside activities don’t come cheap.

Juggling keeping children entertained and working at the same time is no easy feat as many a parent has realised during the lockdowns.

Wonder whether when the school gates are back open some parents wish that their children were back at home, as it is too quiet!


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