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What is Easter all about?

This Sunday, many people will be eating a special meal, maybe lamb and lots of people will be eating chocolate Easter eggs, below is a poem to explain why:

Eggs and Chicks and Bunnies are near

for Easter, you see, will soon be here

But what is Easter – and why the Spring season? 

Gather round and I’ll tell you the reason!

Chick are hatched out of eggs, you see

They represent new life for you and me

for Jesus died and was buried three days

then Easter morning, he was raised

So when we die, we can live again

Jesus gave new life to all God’s children

Bunnies are part of Easter too

They’re born in the Spring when all is new

The grass, the flowers and leaves start to grow

Putting an end to their sleep in the snow

So as you gather your treats and have fun

Let the remind you of Jesus and all He has done.

By Raising Memories: True Meaning of Easter Poem.


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