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What a year!

It has been nearly a year since I started back at work after the first lockdown. During the lockdown I went to bed late and got up late. I watched a lot of television and listened to a lot of music. I also ate a lot more than my body needed. So, when I did go back to work after 4 months off, my body was in shock. My first day of work meant getting up at 5.45am!!!! Luckily, I managed to get through the day without falling asleep, however, on the journey home, I am sure I woke myself up with my snoring. Since that day, I have worked steadily and been very fortunate to have a job, as I know many people don’t. A year ago, the world was shut down, now the majority of businesses that did survive are back and holidays are being taken abroad. Vaccinations have been rolled out and things look very different from a year ago. There has been a lot of heartache, hard work and sacrifices made and hopefully, in a year's time things will have improved even more. I have become a little more patient in doing things and more understanding of people and their hopes and fears.


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