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What a difference a year makes!

Nearly one year on from the 1st national lockdown and there is an end in sight. Children are back in school, the vaccination programme is underway and there is a roadmap to near normality of our everyday lives.

There are many things I have missed due to this epidemic and will be very happy to have the chance to hug/over hug family and friends. Although, the impact of how Covid-19 might not be realised straightaway, I do hope that people, me included, do not take for granted what has been a very sad and testing time.

Once all restrictions are lifted, I wonder what I will do first: hug a family member/friend, go to the gym, pub or restaurant, book a holiday abroad, have a party/attend a party, have a spa treatment, visit the hairdressers, stay overnight at someone’s house, go to a hotel, travel up and down the country for leisure not just work, play outdoor sports, go to all non essential shops, go to the library, the community centre, go to the theatre, cinema or nightclub? The list is endless, but with patience and faith, the world will get back to some sort of normal.


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