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We are family!

I have had a lovely, albeit busy time catching up with family members from the USA. It has been very nice talking about the last time we saw each other or the last time they were over here- too long in some cases and how we will keep in contact.

Recently, I have heard of people that I know of and seen who have died and think about the loved ones they have left behind. I hope that they had the opportunity to spend valuable time with them and were able to tell them how much they loved them and enjoyed spending those precious moments together. As much as we seem to think that we will live forever, life is very short and spending time with family and friends and keeping in contact even when the time zones are different is very important. Work and life in general can get in the way, however, spending time with those people who are your family and friends is so important and the memories that are created are priceless. My family mean a lot to me and I am very proud of them. We may not see or talk to each other often but the time we do spend together is filled with laughter, reminiscing and love. The short visits by my USA family has taught me that we all need to make time for the ones we love, as one day there will be no time to make up, as they will no longer be around.


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