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To gym or not to gym?

Headphones-check. Towel – check. Water bottle-check.Gloves-check. Motivation –double check. The gym that I haven’t been for a long time reopened on the 25th July, a little apprehensive, I booked in for a session a few days later. I have been exercising outside, walking and going for jogs around my local park.  However, there is something about going to the gym and lifting heavier weights than a can of beans and seeing how far I can jog on the treadmill. The procedures put in place at the gym put my mind at rest with regards to social distancing and hygiene. It was nice to get up in the morning and have the motivation to exercise with lots of different equipment and even though I didn’t stop and talk to other people, it was nice to be in the company of others also exercising. Apart from burning off lots of calories, exercising, by any form is a fantastic way to help with mental health. During these unprecedented times, I have found that walking outside and going to the gym has helped me deal with the unknown and the endorphins have helped me feel a little high on life and forget, albeit, for an hour, what is going on in the world.

My next gym session has already been booked and I am ready to try and beat my previous time on the treadmill, doing a 5k and lift a few more heavier weights.


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