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Things can only get better

Now that the correct grades have been given to students who studied BTEC, GCSEs and A Levels has been rectified, I can only imagine the anguish, frustration and hurt the students, parents and teachers have felt. To not attend school, not be able to do the exam that you have been prepping for for a long time and then being given grades that are not a true reflection of the hard work put in, must have a big effect on the mental health of all concerned. All the hopes and dreams of getting a particular job, doing an apprenticeship, going to college and university were dashed. All due to an algorithm. An algorithm that was written by a human being, who doesn’t or didn’t realise that the information they were feeding into the computer would have a detrimental effect on another human being. Hopefully, future exam results will be given by those people who know their students best, the teachers and these will be honoured and will not penalise the students whose schools have not done so well, grade wise, in the past. So, congratulations to all those who exercised their right to protest and get the grades that they earned, reinstated. The only way is forward.


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