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The two Rs

Reading and writing are very important for everyone around the world, even during this day of modern technology. There are over 775 million people worldwide who do not have basic reading and writing skills, two thirds are women and on the 8th September UNESCO’s International Literacy day, will be raising awareness globally on the issues surrounding adult and child literacy. First held in 1966 and now part of the UN’s sustainable development goals program adopted in 2015, International Literacy day highlights the changes and improvements being made worldwide in literacy development. (Taken from:

Writing my blog every week, I take it for granted that as a woman, I can read and write. I love reading books of many genres and having written several poetry books (handwritten first and then typed), I feel very sad that millions of people have been denied a basic human right. Whatever you are able to do to support International Literacy day will be of great help.


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