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The next chapter

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

The little, big man has his last day at his primary school and will be off to pastures unknown in September. He seems to have enjoyed his time at school, with him doing athletics, learning about Roman history, taking his SATs and many other things in the past 7 years.

I remember when he started primary school, I didn’t cry on his first day, that was saved for when he left nursery as then, he was no longer a baby.

His first school picture shows a happy, small boy ready to go on an adventure. One of his last pictures, before going off on a school trip is of a confident, tall, happy and relaxed little man, who is ready for the next chapter in his life.

Primary school hasn’t been without me doing the walk of shame – me being beckoned to talk to his teacher at pick up time, or his misbehaving and ‘bringing the family name into disrepute’.

He has made some good friends, a few will be going to his new school and I have also made some good friends.

Seven years ago, I was a mum whose child was embarking on a journey where we had no map, compass or real guidance of what it would be like.

Now, I am able to impart my knowledge to others about undertaking the 11 plus, where to get school uniform, SATs, secondary school choices and staying out of parent playground politics.

I wish all the children who are going onto nursery, primary and secondary school a safe, happy and fun journey. At times the trip may seem that you will fall off and you don’t want to get back on, but hang in there. The child that emerges at the end is one that you will be very proud of.


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