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Thank you

Thank you to all the medical professionals, support workers, key workers and other people who are doing their jobs, above and behind, to ensure that people like me are safe, fed and, albeit, staying at home most of the time, are able to ‘carry on as normal’ with life. A lot of uncertainty, fear-emotionally and financially has overtaken the world.  Although, I have also seen and heard a lot of goodwill being shown to neighbours and strangers by way of volunteering, going shopping for the vulnerable, checking up on the elderly and those who are living alone. This week, all school children were due to have finished school for the Easter holidays, instead they have been off school for a few weeks. I would like to thank the teachers at the little big man's school for taking the time to give him plenty of work so that he doesn’t fall behind in his education. Which I know is also the case for lots of other children. As much as we as a nation want to lay the blame, shout and get angry with certain people, there are many thank yous to be said, as bad as things are, they could definitely be worse. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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