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Sun, sea and sand

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

I remember my first holiday without my family. I went to Cordoba in Spain with my local youth club, I was about 19. The flight, accommodation and food for two weeks, only cost £35!!! I was very excited and felt quite grown up as I was made a junior youth leader. When we arrived in Cordoba the weather was hot, hot, hot, the food was lovely and the people were friendly and the surroundings stunning.

15 of us were from Derby and about the same amount came from a Manchester youth club. It was an exchange trip.

For some it was their first time of travelling abroad. We all got along really well and embraced the Andalusian culture. The nightlife was fantastic: I remember we went out nearly every night and got back to our clean and spacious accommodation as the birds were waking up.

We didn't just party, we experienced the culture and food. I especially liked seeing the Flamenco dancers.

There is something nice about going on holiday: whether it be at home or abroad.  The feeling of not having anything in particular to do for a few days or weeks is lovely.

Now, I just have to decide when and where I am going on my next holiday. Felices fiestas!

Poem reference: The Season I Smile – Tripple S


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