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Summer Sun – Spring Clean

Now that the sun is blazing gloriously, it has given me an opportunity to do a lot of clearing out of the loft and my ‘organised mess'. The loft had lots of little, big man’s clothes from 0-8 years old. Lots of the clothes were in good condition and went to a recycling textile charity and some to a family member. The ones that were a little worse for wear were reminisced about and then thrown away. The feeling of decluttering and organising the home is a lovely feeling and I realise how much that we are fortunate to have. I wonder how many other people are having a good old clear out and realising that they have too many things that they don’t necessarily need. Amongst the things in the loft was a cot, which I am recycling the side bars to use as a backboard or frame for my art. This lockdown period has taught me many things about myself and one of them is that I need to recycle more of my clothes and utilise ‘bits of junk' around the house. Without hoarding, you never know what my come in handy.

Enjoy the sun – I will be spending hot days inside, decluttering.


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