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Summer is here!!!

The long nights and days are here, holidays have been booked, ice cream vans play their signature tunes and people’s clothes are either non existent or shorter. Festivals are nearly every weekend and winter frowns have gone. It can only mean one thing – summer is here.

I do like the summer, however, my hayfever is not kind at this time of year, although, with the right medication and spending as little time as possible in parks, I am good to go.

It is nice to go to work with the sun shining and to also arrive home and it is still light. Exercising outdoors seems more preferable to going to the gym and lots of new walking places can be discovered.

Summer also means exam times. There are lots of young people who are taking assessments that can determine part of their future. As important as exams are, they should not be all or nothing if the desired grades are not achieved. I remember the long wait from doing the exams to getting the results and lots of thoughts going through my mind about not getting the results I wanted. Hopefully, all the exam takers will enjoy their ‘freedom’ from education for a while and enjoy the best of the British weather – which could be rain today and sunshine tomorrow!


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