It is now officially summer, however, the weather doesn’t always seem to think that it is. One minute the weather is happy, the next it is not. Summer is a time to attend barbeques, go to the beach and generally feel in a good mood due to the bright mornings and longer nights. I am sure that a lot of people have booked their holiday abroad, hopefully, they will be able to go. For me, this summer will be spent in the garden (if my hayfever allows) attend a few barbeques, locally, and tell the brain to be in a good mood, as there are still some Covid – 19 restrictions. Summer is my favourite season, apart from the hayfever, as I can ditch the winter coat and thick jumpers and wear sandals and let my feet see some sunlight. If it is anything like last summer, there won’t be a need to travel abroad, as the weather will be perfect for all the trips to the beach. The garden will get a make over, even though it will only be used for a few months a year, I am very thankful to have one. Whatever you are doing during the summer months, enjoy.


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