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Sugarless September

The 13th of September is International Chocolate Day. Normally, I would celebrate this day in all its glory. However, at the beginning of the month I self-imposed sugarless September. I have stopped eating biscuits, sweets, cakes, fruit juices, fizzy drinks and ahem, chocolate - hence, less sugar for this month. There have been a few relapses: the first was drinking a fruit juice, which I thought was squash. Not wanting to waste it, I drank it. The next relapse, although, this was done on purpose as a celebration of not seeing my in laws for nearly 7 months and a post birthday celebration for my husband and nephew. A chocolate cake was bought, shared, where I only had one slice and then the sugarless month resumed. I am feeling okay about the lack of sugar, although, I know it is in a lot of other food that I may eat. Although, there have been times that I have really craved a chocolate bar and patted myself on the back for not having one. Whether I lose any weight from this or not, the main reason is to curb my sugar intake. I am not getting any younger and diabetes is a disease that I don’t want to have. When the month is over, I hope to have seriously curbed my sugar addiction and have some sugar loaded food a few times a month.

Wish me luck. Now, I am going to smell the chocolate that I left in garage to get me through.


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