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Stop! Just Stop!!!

Bullying occurs in various ways: verbal, physical and emotional. At home, in the work place and at school. If you have been a victim of bullying, the lasting damage is immense. Anti bullying week is from 11th-15th November. An important week for those whose words and actions cause so much pain to people to reflect and also a time for those who have been affected by those harsh words and actions to know that there is support for them to talk and have people to listen to what they are feeling.

Listen up you bullies, we're the anti bullying team, 

We are here to let you know you can’t destroy our self esteem, 

Together we are stronger, you will never make us break, 

We don’t really resent you, it’s just pity that we take. Listen up you bullies, it’s time to listen well,

Up until this moment, you have put us all through hell,

You’ve punched and you’ve kicked and pushed us to the floor,

But now we’ve found our feet and we’re not taking anymore. Listen up you bullies, we’re the anti- bullying pros,

We’ll rise above the riots as we stand upon our toes,

Combining all our forces, together we stand tall,

The ant- bullying team will make you bullies feel small. 

By Daniel Butler

Bullying that is called banter is not banter if the person who it is directed at is not laughing.


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