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Spend, spend, spend!

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

For many, Black Friday is a day or week to spend money they don't necessarily have after Thanksgiving.

I have had endless emails from big retailers in the past few days enticing me to spend, spend, spend on items that I don't want or need. The deals may look tempting, however, if I wasn't prepared to pay £4000 for a television, I sure won't be paying £3750 on it just because it is Black Friday.   

People will be queuing up from 4 am to get a 'good deal'. (I will be nice and snug in my bed). Depending on which part of the world you are in, these 'good deals' could mean people end up being injured - in previous years several fights have broken out over prized items. Even the security guards can not part two or more customers fighting over that one television.

The name Black Friday is strange, as I am sure a lot of people will be overspending on items using their credit card, which would mean they are going into the red. Also, impulse buying could mean a lot of clothes items will be returned to the shops as the customer wanted a bargain, but didn't bargain on the item/s not being their size.

Whatever you plan to do today, I hope you don't have a Red Friday!!!


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