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So, how are you?

Four weeks in for the UK being on lockdown and another three weeks are to be added, for now. Tens of thousands of people have sadly lost their lives due to this pandemic, that we know of, as well as people being killed by domestic abuse, heightened by the lockdown.

With the constant reporting of Covid-19 and the deaths, there has not been as many reports of those people who have contracted the disease and recovered. It is a scary time for all and the mind has a strange way of making us focus on the negative rather than some of the positives:

  • Communities are coming together to find out how people need help, how they are and if they need to talk to anyone.

  • Key workers on all levels are being applauded for their efforts on protecting, helping and serving the general public at 8pm every Thursday night.

  • The older and younger generations are keeping in constant communication through modern technology. 

  • Lots of household relationships are getting better/repaired as people are appreciating each other.

  • While social distancing, people are generally showing respect and concern for each other.

Social media is reaching out to lots of people who are in need of help – people are more aware of people who are worse off than them: emotionally, physically and financially.

With another earmarked 3 weeks in lockdown, I hope that you are well and doing ok.

Take care!


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