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Six more weeks!

From the middle of March, the little, big man has been learning from home. His school has been fantastic in sending a timetable of online work, weekly, as well as giving him feedback on the work he has done. Luckily, he hasn’t asked me to help him, as he would get zero as his mark. Now, that the summer holidays are here, I am at odds to what he can do outside with other children. The football he would normally do is restricted, the day holiday club has been cancelled and the cinema is not somewhere he wants to go at present.

So, I think that we will have to have lots of long walks and bike rides to keep him off the computer, which he has been glued to for several months. I am looking forward to him going back to normality with regards to school and seeing his friends, albeit with lots of precautions: wearing a face covering on public transport, not mixing with the students the year below him, plus other measures. So, the count down begins and I hope that by the time schools reopen, there hasn’t been a surge in Covid-19 or lockdowns.


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