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Schools Out!!!

By 12.30pm today, lots of school children will be leaving their school for the summer break. Shopping centres, cinemas and parks are expected to be busier. Although, a lot of young people seem to prefer being indoors playing on their electronic gadgets.

Fridges and cupboards need to be stocked for the ever hungry child – the cost of living is going to make that hard for many. Summer activity clubs are another way to keep the young ones occupied, although, many are not cheap.

For carers and parents this can be a positive time – doing more activities with their children, spending quality time and most importantly, having lie ins – no more 5.30am alarms going off.

Before we know it, the summer holidays will be over and all educators will be back to the grind stone.

For the little, big man, it will be his last year at secondary school. Doesn’t seem that long again we were looking for primary schools!

I am sure the novelty of doing extra activities will wear off and we can’t wait for the 5.30 am alarms to go off. In the meantime, enjoy – they are only young once.


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