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School run, run

Six weeks ago, some parents were looking forward to spending many weeks with their offspring, going on outdoor trips, sun holidays and generally spending quality time together. Whilst others, were dreading the fact that for six weeks they had to find a lot of money to occupy their children, as they had to go to work. Now, the new school year is about to begin again and many children will be happy to go into the year above and school routine and others will be embarking on new surroundings, in secondary school. There will be a lot of children who will be dreading going back to school due to school bullying and a feeling of being ‘left behind' in the educational system. With the new Prime Minister in place, I hope that there will be enough funding for mental health provisions and additional support staff to help all the children who need the help. A good education is a basic right of all children.

The little, big man is old enough to get himself up in the mornings so at least I get to have a lie in. Only six weeks until the next school break!


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