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Procrastinating! I will tell you about it later.

He had a Year to do it in – an extract by John Lea.

He had one week to do it in!

And care was in his glance:

“It’s hard,” he cried “that flight of time won’t give a chap a chance.”

He still delayed; the swift week passed,

As weeks will ever run,

And, though a year was given him,

The task is still undone.

The above extract is how I have felt with doing several tasks at home. The putting off until tomorrow, has made me have more work to do! There are many reasons that people procrastinate, I know that one of my reasons is that I find the task boring or difficult to do. Putting it off, doesn’t make my to do list any shorter so, there has to be a way to not always think that putting off today will help my tomorrow, as tomorrow never comes.


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