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Oh! Sugar!

Having loved chocolate and all things sweet from birth, I am looking forward to celebrating National Chocolate Day on the 28th of this month. It comes a day after my birthday, so another reason to continue the sugar rush celebrations. I try to be healthy and have the dark chocolate variety, however, the milk chocolate variety is so nice. I have some and then feel a little guilty after, especially, ‘As a minute on the lips is a lifetime on the hips.’ You can imagine how big my hips are! So, I have had a day to celebrate having the third, or fourth love of my life and two days later, it is Sugar Addiction Awareness Day. A day for me to reflect on all the sugar I have in my life. As I am getting older my sugar levels have reduced, however, I am addicted to sugar. I don’t have it in green tea, but have it in coffee; to get rid of the bitter taste. Any time I go out for a meal, firstly I look at what the desserts are and then decide on a healthy main course. I am very aware that my heritage means that I am susceptible to diabetes and other high sugar related diseases and have taken the steps to have just ONE banana a day, blueberries; an acquired taste and an apple a day – in order to keep my blood sugar levels down. So far this is working. As I do not want to offend anyone on the 28th, I will celebrate with my other chocolate lovers and repent and reflect a few days later.


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