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October, October

The month of October is when I celebrate another year of life.  There are so many things that I am grateful for: health, a bed to sleep in, food, clothes, a job, a loving family and friends and freedom.

Several countries around the world are experiencing their citizens protesting about the way their governments are treating them. One such country is my family land- Nigeria. A lot of the protesters are young people who are tired of the regime that has been the norm by the elders of the country. Rather than the regime listen to the protesters, they are brutality terrorised and killed.

What is to become of the biggest African country, which, only this month commemorated 60 years of independence. The same independence the peoples of the country want from dictatorship and brutality.

In this month of my birthday, my only wish is that my mother and fatherland can resolve their differences without further tragedies.


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