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No red meat allowed

Nearly 40 days ago, for lent, I cut out meat from my food menu. I succeeded until day 14 when I went to work and fancied a well-known South African/Portuguese chicken. On sitting down and taking my first mouthful, I realised what I was supposed to give up for lent. Seeing as I had already paid for it, I had to eat it! I ‘made up for it’ the next day by eating extra fish. In the news recently, there have been several articles related to the study of the amount of red meat people are eating: Cancer Research UK's expert in diet and cancer, Professor Tim Key, who co-authored the study and is deputy director at the University of Oxford's cancer epidemiology unit, said: "Our results strongly suggest that people who eat red and processed meat four or more times a week have a higher risk of developing bowel cancer than those who eat red and processed meat less than twice a week. Taken from The Telegraph. Reading this news and knowing that it will soon be barbecue season, is, pardon the pun, a little hard to swallow. Part of me doesn’t want to believe the Professor and part of me says that I have had 40, sorry 39 days of no meat, so I can follow Professor Key’s guidelines. Watch this space in a few months, as I may be calling on a professional to help me wean off sausages, burgers, spare ribs, steaks...


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