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No back to work Blues

I have been back to work on and off for three weeks and on the first day back, I was like a child eager to start school.  I was able to catch up with my colleagues, albeit, without our usual hello hugs and we talked about how we have coped for the past 4 months. Now, that I have gotten into a rhythm of getting up early, navigating public transport, where so many people are social distancing and wearing masks and some aren’t. Any anxiety that I may have had has gone out of the window, as, unfortunately, this way of life on public transport is the new normal. Strangely, after having so much time off work, I am embracing the early mornings, late night home return and the tiredness feeling from doing a days work, quite satisfying. I am in a position that, sadly many are not in. I hope that the government is able to save and help as many businesses and jobs as possible, as, for many people, there are not going to be any back to work blues. The ramifications are hard to think about.


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