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New year, new start

The festivities are now over and the new year has begun. What is in store for this year? Will the world be at peace? Will Brexit take place? Will the USA impeach their president? These questions I have no control of, however, I can control my continuation of going to the gym and getting my monthly memberships worth. Although, for many people, having new year's resolutions can be soul destroying; they constantly set themselves up to do new things and don’t continue them past the first week in February. I have decided that I will not have any resolutions that are unrealistic: learning a new language by March, learning to skate by April, being a size 8 by May! Instead I am going to continually keep striving to be positive, so hopefully, it will rub off on others and strive to be a better person, who enjoys the moment. Whatever you decide to do for this new year, I hope that you enjoy it and are happy. We all need to be happy!


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