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Negativity and doubt

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

I have found that the negativity said or shown to me has created a lot of doubts in my head. I was once told that my bottom was too big and I should pull my shoulders back, in order for it to look smaller. I was about 9/10 years old. I did pull my shoulders back for a very long time and up until about eight years ago, I started to embrace and love the only body I will ever have. The ironic thing is, the lady who said that to me, was very overweight and had a very, very big bottom!

After embracing myself, I realised that, if I didn’t love all of me first, then who will.

I have always enjoyed dancing and exercising and as I get older the latter has been harder to do. I get motivated by my small achievements; walking up a hill that I couldn't walk up last week. Each time I walk up that hill without sounding like I need a doctor, I know that I am improving and that is good enough for me. Other people may say that that is not an improvement, maybe, they are expecting me to run up the hill. However, rather than getting angry with them, I tell myself that everyone is different.

The negative words said by people who are unhappy with themselves, shouldn’t impact on our lives.

Poem reference: #whoami – Loving me

"It always seems impossible until its done."

Nelson Mandela


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