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Nearly there!

With the announcement of the steps that we all need to take to get out of this lockdown and a window to near normality, March is going to be a more optimistic month. There is hope and light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully, all the sacrifices people have made will come to and end on June 21st.

On March 2nd it is World Teen Mental Health Awareness day – a day for teenagers to reflect on their mental health, which unfortunately, has been hit hard this past year: disruptions to education, exams cancelled, dreams shattered, isolation and more time online – sometimes with negative effects. They are encouraged to take a moment of silence from self-doubt, negative self-talk and to start practicing self-care, whether that is through exercising, meditating, listening to music or doing something that brings them joy and positive thoughts. This day it is hoped that teenagers will know that if they are struggling now, life will get better, and they will come out of this challenging period stronger.

With spring around the corner, the days will be longer and the nights not so dreary, the mood of the mood of the country will be more positive. Covid-19 is still here, however, there are better days to come. Hang in there. We are neatly nearly there.


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