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Nearly new experiences

The last time I was in an exercise class was when I had a flat stomach, thinner thighs and more energy, so about 20 years ago.

I went for a legs, bums and tums studio session recently and, although, I can manage the gym – I set my own pace, attending this session made me realise how unfit I really am. The warm up session was about 5 minutes long and I felt that I had already done the full class. I was panting hard and sweat was coming down my face. There is such a thing as pride which made me continue with the class – I couldn’t fall at the first hurdle.

After 45 minutes of huffing and puffing, the class finished, we gave ourselves a round of applause and vow to go back the following week. I will do, as now it is a challenge to see if I can do the full class without St. John Ambulance stepping in to revive me!


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