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National best friend day

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

Friday 8th June is National BFF Day. A day to celebrate those whose ears we have chewed off, shoulders we have soaked with our tears, shared our innermost secrets, laughed with until we can’t breathe and talked endlessly to about our hopes and fears.

My BFF is my husband. He knows me at my best and worst. The confidant who, even though he is tired after a long day at work, still listens to me talk about things that are important to me.

I also have several very good female friends, who I have known for a very long time and enjoy spending time with:

‘When we do catch up, it’s like I saw them the other day, the conversation is ten to the dozen, as there is so much to say, they are a beautiful bunch, confident, resilient and kind, who are not afraid to speak their mind.’

Everyone needs a good friend to help them see the beauty in themselves. I hope that you have a lovely day: laughing very hard with your beautiful best friend.

Poetry reference: The Season I smile – Girlfriends


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