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Music is the food for my soul

For as long as I can remember I have always loved music; different genres but particularly soul and R and B. During my numerous walks during lockdown I have sought great solace in listening to music – sometimes I want to dance along but that wouldn’t look good!

Music for me is a fabulous expression of how I am feeling at that moment. If I want to maintain my happy mood, fast, upbeat music is what I listen to. If I am feeling a little low, the lyrics of some of my favourite songs lift me up.

During these unprecedented times, music, rhythm, lyrics, beats and harmonies have helped me not feel too angry with the world: it puts my mind in an out of body state where I am happy and able to somewhat handle all that is going on.

So, if music is the food for my soul, I will be obese by the time the lockdown is over.


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