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Month of Love/Money?

In just over a week, the restaurants will be having their limited, expensive Valentine's menus, shops will be having all their flowers, cards and chocolates at the entrance and love will be all around. This month of love is good for some, pressure for others and avoided by many. If you feel pressure to show the person that you are with that you love them for one day in the year, maybe, it is better to not conform to this. Days like Valentine's day can be difficult for many because there are a lot of portrayals of unrealistic and idealised relationships to measure yourself against. Some suggestions if you are single – ignore society’s pressure, indulge in self care, treat yourself, plan something with friends or family and seek support if necessary. Suggestions if you are in a relationship – ignore society’s pressure, communicate, plan in advance, avoid comparisons and try to remember the meaning of the day.

However you are going to celebrate or not, be kind to yourself and others. Mind – 0300 123 3393


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