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Updated: Apr 3, 2018

In the UK, just under half of the population spend money on their Valentines and around £1.3 billion is spent yearly on cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts, with an estimated 25 million cards being sent – Wikipedia.   

I now don't celebrate Valentine's Day simply for the fact that I show my love to my 'other half' every day. I don't feel the need to spend lots of money on a set meal (which, half the time I don't like) or to receive flowers on this day (what about flowers on other days?) Many years ago when I did celebrate this lovely day, my now husband and I went to a restaurant and noticed that a lot of couples seemed to have forced themselves out of their homes to celebrate their love for each other, however, they did not look comfortable in each other's company.

One couple who were sitting to the right of me were more interested in conversing with their mobile phones. I just kept thinking to myself that they could have saved themselves £50.00 not inclusive of service charge by ordering a takeaway.

This day can also be a bit depressing for those who are single. So, whether you are single or in a relationship remember to be your own Valentine – buy some chocolates and flowers. Have a lovely soak in the bath, play some of your favourite music and order or cook your favourite meal.  

Or if you are like me, have the soak, play the music and have the meal, but buy the chocolates and the flowers on the 15th February when they are hugely reduced!

Happy Valentines Day!


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