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May the weather be kind!

The first bank holiday in May will be upon us, hopefully, the weather will be nice enough to mow the lawn, or if that has already been done, warm enough to sit in the garden.

This bank holiday, after sitting reading in the garden for a few hours, I will be at home catching up on lots of recorded films that I haven’t had time to watch. The speakers will be on to give the cinema feel, the popcorn will be in one hand and the drink will be in another. Dinner might be a takeaway, or a mish mash of food left over in the fridge. My brain is telling me about all the cleaning, ironing and general housework that needs to be done, however, my body is winning the race of just relaxing and taking things in my stride. I best enjoy the television whilst I can, as the males in the house will be claiming it to watch Match of the Day! Only 25 days until the next bank holiday. Enjoy.


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