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Loving me!

I've been on this diet as long as I can remember,

Well, if I’m being honest I started in 2012, December,

two pieces of celery, and plenty of water,

I'm sure I'm drinking rather more than I oughta. On reflection the newspapers and mags are the ones to blame,

Putting all girls(people) into a ‘small’ category, saying we should all be the same,

My thighs are big and so are my hips,

I'm a full bodied girl (person) who has had enough of the water and celery sticks. (Extract from #whoami and Why Shouldn’t I Cry)

Mental Health Awareness Week from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th May will be looking at all mental health and this year the theme will be Body Image. People come in all shapes and sizes and levels of fitness. To have someone criticise you because you are ‘too fat’ ‘too thin’ can impact greatly how we see ourselves.

The aim of the week is to ‘to ignite a national conversation about how we can be kinder to our bodies as a guard against the individual, family and cultural influences that can lead to a gnawing and sometimes debilitating sense of dissatisfaction with our bodies.

Mental Health Foundation CEO, Mark Rowland

As hard as it is to love and accept our bodies, ‘Take care of your (love your) body, it is the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn


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