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Lockdown 3.0

We are in another lockdown,

Hiding from a virus that can’t be seen,

The government is staying, ‘Stay at home’,

Some people think this is mean.

We have been locked down two times before,

This third lockdown, is becoming a bore,

Go to work, don’t go to work,

Help the NHS, not sure we can take anymore.

But more we must take, short term ‘pain’ for long term gain,

We know that the deaths of loved ones, means our lives will never be the same,

The mantra is ‘Hands, Face, Space’,

A small price to pay to help the human race.

Unprecedented, but we will get through this,

Longing for the days when we can once again, hug and kiss,

Parks will be full, shops and restaurants too,

Keeping the faith is hard, but we know what we have to do.


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