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Lockdown – 3.0?

On the 2nd December, England will be coming out of their 2nd lockdown. All non essential businesses and gyms will be reopened. It is a chance for customers to support local, small businesses when buying their Christmas presents. As much as the economy needs to keep going, I really hope that people will be sensible in their thirst to shop for presents, especially, as three households are able to spent 5 days together around the Christmas period. Due to the year we have had and the local and national restrictions, I am sure that people will forget the face, hands and space mantra promoted by the government. In the eagerness to go out and enjoy the impending festivities and give family members, who we haven’t seen for a long time, a hug, I hope that the whole of the UK is not on a longer lockdown in January.

Happy preparation for the Christmas period, please stay safe.


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