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Life is what you make it

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

I went to a funeral of an 80 year old father of five, grandfather of 9 and great grandfather of 4 this Wednesday. The big turnout for sending him on his way was nice and relaxing. His eulogy expressed the many things he achieved in his life.

The family members all had their own way of dealing with their grief, but somehow still managed to raise a few smiles. These smiles may have come from the fact that even though they have lost the patriarch of the family, he had left them a good legacy of loyalty, togetherness and hard work.

Going to the burial site has always been a very emotional part of the funeral service for me. It is that realisation that that person has really gone. I then start thinking about the things that they wanted to do but never got around to doing and that life is really what you make it.

Seeing so many people turn up to a funeral, somehow indicates the love that the deceased gave to others.

I hope that when my time comes I will have lots of people to see me on my way and that I had shown people love and compassion. I also hope that I had made my life a good one.


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