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Lazy days are here again!

Friday 10th August is National Lazy Day: well, during this heat, for me it has been several lazy days.

Doing nothing but relaxing, listening to music, watching a good is very good for the brain. With the hustle and bustle of life, it is good to have some ‘downtime’.

With this day being on a Friday, I can’t imagine employers will grant anyone time off for this lazy day, so the day may have to be celebrated on Saturday.

I like lazy days, they give my brain a chance to relax. Doing nothing helps immensely with my creativity.

If having a full day of doing nothing seems too much for you, you can start with a lazy morning and work your way up to a full day.

So, whenever you get a chance to have a lazy day – turn off your phone, turn on the television, put your laptop/tablet away and order a takeaway. It is amazing how refreshed you will feel by switching off for just a day. Ideally, these lazy days should be done once a week.



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