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Kiss me quick!

The 6th July is International Kissing Day. A day to kiss the one you love as often as you like, using today as an excuse to do so.

Many years ago, lots of British people never used to greet their friends with one, let alone two kisses on the cheek. Normally, a stiff handshake meant hello. Now, many people, myself included greet and say goodbye to friends and family with a kiss (not an air kiss) on each cheek. The rule for the two cheek kiss is generally reserved for people you know. Acquaintances generally get a hello, handshake or if they are lucky one kiss on the cheek.

The word "Kiss" comes from the Old English word "cyssan," which itself came from the Germanic word "kussijanan" or "kuss."

There are many benefits for kissing: it lowers stress, makes us happier, keeps us healthy, calms us down, promotes pleasure, strengthens relationships and improves our mood, amongst many other benefits.

So, on that note, my lips have been exfoliated, had petroleum jelly put on them and they are ready to kiss and be kissed. Who’s first?!!!

Happy kissing!


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