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Just one of those days!

Ever woken up to the birds having a lively conversation and the sun is shining through your curtains and telling yourself it is going to be a good day. Or gone on public transport and your favourite seat is vacant, you are able to watch the world go by before you get into work mode.

When you get to work everything is going well, you have a good team around you, everything is going smoothly. For lunch you have your favourite meal and a slice of cake. The day is still going well, as you have caught up on all your emails and you have worked smart. You decide that because you have been very efficient with your time and you can leave early for a change that you are going to clean your laptop. Big mistake. A very big mistake. Now, all your hardwork has been undone, as the computer with all your work files is no longer allowing you access and has a mind of its own. Your patience previously was that of a saint, now?!!!! You just have to chalk it off as being one of those days. Hopefully, the keyboard will dry out and you can get back to being your productive self. If not...


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