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Just Do It!!!

Ever wanted to do something but fear was holding you back? Ever thought about changing your career but didn’t think you had the skills to do so? What about going on holiday by yourself?





Why do we fear doing new things? Maybe, it is because we can’t anticipate the outcome, however, the change we want will put us in places we don’t want to be, but if we don’t do anything, we will always stay the same. As people we have the skills, knowledge and tenacity to change and evolve and so we must. Otherwise we would still be in the dark ages.

I have had to talk myself out fear of change for many things – knowing what I know is comfortable. Knowing what I don’t know is not allowing me to be in my comfort zone.

So, whatever you fear, be it changing your job, going on holiday by yourself – feel the fear and do it anyway. You just might like the change.


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