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It is oh so quiet!

Having arranged a short break away with another 10 females, I knew that us getting together would not be a quiet event. I am sure on some nights we scared the sheep and cows away with our endless laughter, that at times released happy tears.

Some conversations were deep and others were recalling parts of our lives that we can now laugh about.

The area we stayed in was beautiful in its scenery and very calm. Anyone who arrives there and is not able to slow down in their walk needs to take more time away from their busy lives.

When the ladies went home one by one, they all reflected on what the tranquillity of the place had brought them.

I do miss the laughter, however, the quietness is also nice. I thank them for giving me a few days whereby my laughter grew louder with each joke and story told.

I am continuing to enjoy the quietness for a few more days until I reach the land of relentless noise.

Enjoy the quietness whenever you can it is so peaceful.


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